Fan Appreciation Fun!

Posted by operator x On June - 11 - 2010

thank you one and all for coming out to the fan appreciation event this past weekend. it was a late decision on my part to attend the show as it was my birthday weekend… so i did the best thing ever, i slept in on saturday post birthday fun and went to the show on sunday and shared the table with phenomenal studio mate and talented maestro andy belanger, check out his kill shakespeare series if you haven’t yet!

and i’ll have to say this had been one of the best shows to date and a kicker for a summer start off to the convention season! for those still interested in star wars originals from the clone wars series – there are only a few pages left after this show. i will post them to the store as soon as possible!

speaking of star wars, above is one of my favourite sketches done this past weekend inaugurating a new sketchbook…

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  1. Colin Norman says:

    There is an interesting batman blog
    with games and ideas for children’s parties.
    I used two of them for my sons birthday party
    and they were good fun.


  2. xbox 369 says:

    racing games xbox…

    Newsflash: Policemen saving women who seems to be jumping off a building. Policeman: Bumaba ka dyan maraming nagmamahal sa yo! Woman: Wag kayo makialam, di ako makapag -send!…

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